Solve global challenges, unlock new thinking and expand your global network in only 6 weeks

Not just another personal development course!

In this Info Session you'll learn
  • Secret #1: Exactly how YOUR personal and professional skills CAN make a tangible difference to global social problems in only 6 weeks, VIRTUALLY, from home.
  • Secret #2: How you can broaden your horizons, transform and GROW by working as part of a small global cohort with one of the world's most impactful social initiatives.
  • Secret #3: How to use empathy as your super-power to being the BEST version of yourself.
  • ​​Secret #4: How through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING you'll step away from "siloed" thought processes and approach problem solving from an entirely DIFFERENT perspective.
Some highlights from TIE Projects:
Cleaner Cooking Coalition
Making cooking cleaner for all, particularly the most vulnerable, by meeting energy needs for everyone to improve quality of life in a more climate friendly way.
Mar Fund
Improving the livelihoods of communities across the Mesoamerican Reef by providing, through grants, the business tools and capacity to develop and scale market initiatives based on sustainable use of coastal and marine resources.
Chance for Change
Protecting vulnerable youth and improving the chances of rehabilitation of young offenders, giving them the tools to rebuild their lives in a positive way and to become leaders in their communities.
“Transformational. That word encapsulates my entire experience with TIE, with the NGO, and with the rest of the group. I went in with an objective for myself both professionally and personally, and both my objective and my expectations were exceeded in every single way."
Tess Willcox
“I got more from this experience than I ever dreamed of. I discovered a lot about myself as a leader and co-creator, I learned new skills and grew professionally, I met new friends, and I got to be a part of something bigger than myself. If you're looking to expand your professional and personal horizons, push yourself to be more open and agile, and challenge yourself to be a better leader, I can't recommend TIE strongly enough.”
Jason Oke
Global Marketing Leader
"Leaders today need to demonstrate that they're flexible, collaborative, and responsive to change. The TIE Accelerator program validated my professional experience by testing my knowledge in an entirely new context, giving me the confidence to know that my skills are truly relevant and transferable. This project pushed me to flex my leadership skills in new ways, prompting me to find new ways to collaborate, project manage and contribute my expertise."
Iris Glaser
Creative Director