Ready to broaden your horizons, skill-set and networks while changing the world?

Learn How Hundreds of Professionals Have Discovered What Makes Them Tick
 in 6 Weeks Using the TIE Formula

Philippa White, CEO & Founder of TIE, who has mentored many under the global formula of TIE to bring REAL impact.

In this session you'll learn:
  • ​New ways to lead
  • ​How to question your boundaries as a leader
  • ​How to turn your good intentions into actions and bring tangible change to society
  • ​How to feel more sense of purpose, self-awareness and fulfilment, and make more impact
  • ​How to bridge the worlds of purpose and profit
  • ​How to revitalise your career and become a totally re-energised professional


Chances are, you think it's time things were done differently.

Time your skills were honed and put to use making a meaningful difference to our world.

Here's the good news: your skills can be part of the solution.

You will see how you can lead with purpose, develop into a more responsible business leader, and use your talents outside your comfort zone. 

I'll show you just what you're capable of doing to bring change, with a focus on your ability to innovate and problem solve.

It's Time. Let's Do Things Differently.

"Transformational. That word encapsulates my entire experience with TIE, with Iracambi, and with the rest of the group. My objective and my expectations were exceeded in every single way. It was an incredibly revolutionary and transformative experience to come together as a group and impact an NGO in this way. I would recommend TIE to literally everyone - from entry-level to CEO".

Tess Wilcox, CEO
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